Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite

Looking for a lightweight and versatile crossbow for your hunting adventures?

Check out the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite.

We provide an overview of specifications including speed, physical weight, powerstroke, length, and width.

Explore the RSD system for enhanced performance and the fact that this Mission crossbow is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Learn about essential gear like the M Quiver and Rail Lube for maintenance.

Stay tuned for additional resources and support for your Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite.

Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways:

  • The Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite offers a lightweight and versatile design, making it a top choice for hunters and target shooters alike.
  • Equipped with the RSD system for enhanced performance, this crossbow delivers impressive speed, power, and accuracy.
  • Made in the USA, the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite is a high-quality and reliable choice for any archery enthusiast, backed by additional resources and support from the manufacturer.
  • Introduction to the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite

    The Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite, an exemplary creation by Mission, a renowned name in archery excellence, is a prime choice for hunters seeking top-tier performance. Crafted in Sparta, Wisconsin, this crossbow boasts precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional assembly quality, making it a deadly tool in the hands of any marksman.

    One of the standout features of the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite is its remarkable precision which allows for pin-point accuracy even at long distances. With a meticulously calibrated scope and advanced limb technology, this crossbow ensures every shot lands exactly where intended. The draw weight of this bow is perfectly balanced, providing a smooth and consistent draw for improved accuracy and reduced strain on the shooter. The construction quality of the Sniper Lite is second to none, with durable materials and rigorous testing ensuring long-lasting performance in various hunting conditions.

    Lightweight and Versatile Design

    The MXB Sniper Lite excels in its lightweight and versatile design, offering hunters the agility and ease of handling required in the field. Its compact structure ensures swift maneuverability while maintaining optimal performance, making it a reliable choice for shooting various projectiles with precision.

    One of the key advantages of the MXB Sniper Lite lies in its ease of use, especially in navigating through dense wooded areas or tight shooting spots. The lightweight construction grants hunters the freedom to move swiftly and quietly, crucial for stealthy pursuits. This crossbow’s balanced design allows for steady aiming and quick target acquisition, enhancing accuracy and shot consistency.

    Overview of Specifications

    The MXB Sniper Lite impresses with its exceptional specifications, including a powerful yet smooth powerstroke, optimal length for stability, compact width for maneuverability, advanced cam system for enhanced performance, sturdy rings for durability, and precise sighting mechanisms for accurate shots.

    Its powerstroke is not only powerful but also incredibly smooth, providing the perfect balance of force and control. The optimal length ensures stability in every shot, while the compact width allows for easy maneuvering in various hunting terrains. The advanced cam system incorporated in this crossbow contributes to its exceptional performance by maximizing accuracy and speed.

    With sturdy rings securing the components in place, the MXB Sniper Lite offers unbeatable durability, making it a reliable companion during every hunting expedition. Its precise sighting mechanisms ensure that each shot is delivered with exceptional accuracy, resulting in successful hunting experiences.

    Speed (Up To)

    The arrow speed of the MXB Sniper Lite reaches impressive velocities, delivering exceptional performance at various distances. With speeds up to remarkable levels at 20, 30, and 40 yards, this crossbow ensures deadly accuracy and efficiency in hunting scenarios.

    Physical Weight

    The physical weight of the MXB Sniper Lite is optimized for balance and maneuverability, ensuring that hunters can handle the crossbow with ease and precision. Its lightweight construction enhances field performance without compromising on durability or stability.


    The powerstroke of the MXB Sniper Lite is engineered to deliver optimal force and energy to projectiles, ensuring consistent and powerful shots with each draw. This critical component contributes significantly to the crossbow’s overall performance and accuracy in the field.


    The length of the MXB Sniper Lite is carefully crafted to achieve the ideal balance between stability and maneuverability, providing hunters with a crossbow that offers both precision aiming and agile handling. Its compact yet functional length enhances shooting comfort and accuracy in diverse hunting environments.

    Width (Axle-to-Axle)

    The width of the MXB Sniper Lite, measured axle-to-axle, is engineered for optimal handling and maneuverability in hunting situations. This dimension ensures that the crossbow remains agile and easy to wield, allowing hunters to maintain control and accuracy during critical shots.

    RSD System for Enhanced Performance

    RSD System for Enhanced Performance The MXB Sniper Lite incorporates the revolutionary RSD (Removable Silent Draw) System, a cutting-edge technology that enhances performance, precision, and accuracy. This innovative system ensures smooth and quiet draws, contributing to consistent shot placement and improved hunting success rates.

    By seamlessly integrating the advanced RSD System, the MXB Sniper Lite offers hunters a game-changing advantage in the field. The precision-engineered components of this system work together to provide a whisper-quiet draw, allowing hunters to remain undetected by their prey.

    Not only does the RSD System enhance stealth, but it also plays a crucial role in ensuring that each shot is delivered with utmost accuracy and efficiency. The combination of reduced noise and effortless draw contributes significantly to maintaining consistent shot placement, ultimately leading to a higher rate of successful hunts.

    Manufactured in the USA

    The MXB Sniper Lite proudly boasts its origin as a product of meticulous manufacturing in the USA, specifically in Sparta, Wisconsin, under the expert craftsmanship of Matthews engineers. Every stage of assembly is conducted with precision and care, ensuring top-notch quality, durability, and performance for hunters seeking excellence.

    Matthews Engineering, located in the heart of Sparta, Wisconsin, infuses a rich heritage of American craftsmanship into the creation of the MXB Sniper Lite. The attention to detail is evident in the intricate design elements that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of this premium crossbow. Each component, from the limbs to the trigger mechanism, is carefully crafted to meet stringent quality standards, resulting in a cohesive and reliable weapon for hunters of all levels. The dedication to perfection in every step of the manufacturing process sets the MXB Sniper Lite apart as a benchmark of superior American-made crossbows.

    Equip Yourself with Essential Gear

    To enhance your experience with the MXB Sniper Lite, be sure to equip yourself with essential gear such as the M Quiver for convenient arrow storage and the recommended rail lube for optimal maintenance. These accessories are designed to complement your archery setup and ensure consistent performance in the field.

    In terms of archery, having the right gear can make all the difference in your shooting accuracy and overall enjoyment. The M Quiver provides a practical solution for storing your arrows securely, allowing quick access during crucial moments in the field. Using the recommended rail lube helps to maintain the crossbow’s components, ensuring smooth operation and extending its lifespan.

    By incorporating these essential accessories into your archery routine, you not only enhance the functionality of your MXB Sniper Lite but also prolong its durability for long-term performance. The convenience and reliability offered by the M Quiver and rail lube elevate your archery experience, enabling you to focus on honing your skills and achieving consistent results with every shot.

    M Quiver (3-Arrow)

    The M Quiver, designed specifically for the MXB Sniper Lite, provides a convenient and secure storage solution for up to three arrows, ensuring quick and easy access during hunting or target shooting sessions. This essential accessory complements the crossbow’s performance and adds practicality to your archery setup.

    The M Quiver’s compact design allows it to seamlessly attach to the crossbow, offering a streamlined and ergonomic solution for arrow management. Its lightweight construction enhances maneuverability without compromising durability, making it a reliable companion in various shooting environments. With the M Quiver, archers can focus on their aim without the hassle of juggling arrows, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable shooting experience. The quiver’s sleek appearance adds a touch of style to the overall archery gear ensemble, combining functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

    Rail Lube for Maintenance

    Rail Lube for Maintenance The recommended rail lube for the MXB Sniper Lite is essential for maintaining optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of your crossbow. Regular application of this lubricant ensures smooth operation, reduces friction, and preserves critical components, making it a crucial accessory for effective crossbow maintenance.

    By using rail lube on your MXB Sniper Lite, you create a protective barrier that shields the rail from wear and tear caused by repetitive use. This lubricant serves as a buffer, preventing damage to the string and enhancing the crossbow’s overall durability. With regular application of rail lube, you not only increase the efficiency of your shots but also maintain the accuracy and reliability of your equipment. The longevity of your crossbow hinges on proper maintenance practices, with rail lube playing a key role in ensuring its continued performance.

    Additional Resources and Support

    For additional resources, support, and detailed information on the MXB Sniper Lite and its accessories, visit the official Mission website. Explore comprehensive guides, product details, and customer support services to enhance your experience with this exceptional crossbow.

    When you navigate to the official Mission website, you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. From in-depth product specifications to step-by-step assembly guides, the website offers a one-stop destination for all your MXB Sniper Lite queries. Whether you are a seasoned archer or new to the world of crossbows, the FAQs section provides valuable insights and troubleshooting tips. The customer support options ensure that any inquiries or issues are promptly addressed. Dive into the online resources available to optimize your shooting performance and maintain your crossbow with ease.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite?

    The Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite is a high-performance crossbow designed for hunting and target shooting. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle and maneuver in the field.

    What are the key features of the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite?

    What are the key features of the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite?

    The Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite features a compact and lightweight design, a precision CNC-machined cam system, a fully adjustable stock and foregrip, and a 3.5 lb trigger pull for smooth and accurate shots.

    Can the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite be used for hunting?

    Yes, the crossbow is specifically designed for hunting and is capable of taking down large game animals. It has a maximum speed of 370 feet per second, making it a powerful and accurate weapon in the field.

    Does the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite come with any accessories?

    Yes, the crossbow comes with a 4×32 multi-reticle scope, a 3-arrow quiver, and 3 premium arrows. It also has a rail lube and wrench included for maintenance and adjustments.

    Is the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite suitable for beginners?

    Yes, the crossbow is designed to be easy to use and is a great option for beginners. It has a comfortable grip and adjustable stock, making it easy to customize for different shooters.

    What is the warranty for the Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite?

    The Mission Crossbow Sniper Lite comes with a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing its quality and performance. Any defects or issues with the crossbow will be covered under this warranty.