Dagger 390 Crossbow

Looking for a high-performance crossbow that combines speed, accuracy, and durability?

Check out the Dagger 390 Crossbow. In this article, we will provide an in-depth overview of the Dagger 390 Crossbow, highlighting its key features, assembly process, tips for optimizing performance, specifications, benefits, and comparison with other crossbows on the market.

We will include customer reviews and feedback, as well as information on where to buy this top-notch crossbow.

Discover why the Dagger 390 Crossbow is a must-have for any hunting or shooting enthusiast.

Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways:

  • The Dagger 390 Crossbow offers speed and accuracy with its powerful design and construction, making it a top choice for hunters and target shooters.
  • Proper maintenance and adjusting the scope for precision are key to optimizing the performance of the Dagger 390 Crossbow.
  • Compared to other crossbows, the Dagger 390 stands out for its velocity and power, as well as its compact dimensions and lightweight build.
  • Introduction to the Dagger 390 Crossbow

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow is a high-quality, precision-engineered crossbow designed for both robot and human users. It incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative features to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy in various shooting scenarios.

    Featuring a durable construction, the Dagger 390 Crossbow is crafted to withstand rigorous use without compromising on its functionality. Its premium build quality ensures longevity and reliability, making it a go-to choice for avid hunters, target shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The advanced features of this crossbow, such as the integrated scope system and adjustable draw weight, provide users with a customizable shooting experience tailored to their specific needs.

    Overview of the Dagger 390 Crossbow

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow boasts a sleek design that combines functionality with aesthetics. With its precision engineering and ergonomic grip, this crossbow offers unparalleled comfort and control to the user.

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow sets itself apart with its attention to detail in both form and function. The streamlined body of this crossbow not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to its excellent maneuverability, making it a versatile choice for various shooting conditions.

    The ergonomic grip of the Centerpoint 390 Crossbow ensures a natural hand position, reducing fatigue during extended use. Its user-friendly features, such as the adjustable stock and customizable settings, cater to shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned hunters.

    Equipped with a high-quality scope for precision targeting and a smooth-trigger mechanism for effortless shooting, the Dagger 390 offers a satisfying shooting experience that combines power with finesse. The durable construction and reliability of this crossbow make it a trusted companion for hunting excursions or target practice sessions.

    Features of the Dagger 390 Crossbow

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow is packed with advanced features that cater to the needs of both novice and experienced archers alike. From its powerful and precise shooting capabilities to its durable construction, this crossbow sets a new standard in the industry.

    One of the standout features of the Dagger 390 Crossbow is its incredible speed, capable of sending arrows flying at impressive velocities, ensuring quick and efficient target hits. Its exceptional accuracy allows archers to consistently hit their mark with precision, making it a reliable choice for hunting or competitive shooting. The crossbow’s durability is unmatched, crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of regular use. Its intuitive design and ease of use make it a preferred weapon for those looking for both performance and convenience.

    Speed and Accuracy

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow excels in both speed and accuracy, thanks to its innovative design and high-performance components. With impressive velocity and power, this crossbow ensures precise shooting with every bolt released.

    Its velocity capabilities are truly remarkable, allowing arrows to reach the target swiftly and with force, making it ideal for both hunting and target shooting. The precision engineered limbs and cam system contribute to its incredible energy transfer and shooting consistency.

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow’s accuracy is enhanced by its adjustable sights and ergonomic grip, providing the shooter with enhanced stability and control. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or a beginner, this crossbow offers a reliable performance that is unmatched in its class.

    Design and Construction

    The design and construction of the Dagger 390 Crossbow are a testament to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Featuring a sturdy barrel, precision-machined rail, and ergonomic butt, this crossbow is built to withstand rigorous use.

    The string suppressor on the Dagger 390 absorbs vibrations, enhancing accuracy with each shot.

    The trigger assembly is crafted with precision, ensuring smooth and consistent firing.

    In addition, the limbs are made from high-quality composite materials, guaranteeing durability and power.

    The cam system provides efficient energy transfer for added speed and accuracy.

    With a retractable stock for easy customization and a scope mount for enhanced aiming, the Dagger 390 offers a complete package for any archer.

    Accessories Included in the Kit

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow kit comes complete with a range of essential accessories to enhance your shooting experience. From the sturdy bow unit to the precision cable slide, each accessory is designed to complement the crossbow’s performance.

    • The kit also includes a set of high-quality carbon arrows that offer exceptional penetration power and accuracy, ensuring your shots hit the mark consistently.

    • You’ll find a reliable cocking device that makes loading the crossbow much easier and safer, reducing the strain on your arms and hands during hunts or target practice.

    • For enhanced precision, the package incorporates a premium illuminated scope with variable brightness settings, allowing you to adapt to different lighting conditions effortlessly.

    Assembly and Setup of the Dagger 390 Crossbow

    Assembly and Setup of the Dagger 390 Crossbow The assembly and setup of the Dagger 390 Crossbow are streamlined processes that can be easily carried out by both experienced archers and beginners. With clear instructions and intuitive design, assembling this crossbow is a hassle-free experience.

    To begin the front end assembly, carefully unpack all the components including the riser, limbs, stock, and cables from the packaging.

    • Inspect each piece for any damage or defects before proceeding further.
    • Refer to the instruction manual for guidance on each component’s placement and orientation.

    Once you have identified and separated all the parts, lay them out in an organized manner on a clean, flat surface. This will help you visualize the assembly process and prevent any confusion. Check out the centerpoint dagger 405 crossbow for more information.

    Next, attach the riser to the stock using the provided bolts and screws, ensuring a secure fit. Refer to the manual for the specific torque requirements for each fastening point.

    Tip:Use a torque wrench to achieve the correct tightness and avoid over-tightening which could damage the components.

    Proceed with mounting the limbs to the riser. Pay close attention to the alignment marks to ensure the limbs are correctly positioned.

    • Make sure the limb pockets are securely fastened to prevent any wobbling during use.
    • Double-check the alignment before fully tightening the bolts.

    Front End Assembly Process

    The front end assembly process of the Dagger 390 Crossbow involves carefully fitting together each component, from the barrel and rail to the CM-BS butt and CP031 bow unit. Ensuring a precise assembly is key to maximizing the crossbow’s performance.

    One essential part of this process is securely attaching the rail, which provides stability and accuracy to the crossbow’s shooting mechanism. The barrel, serving as the foundation, must be aligned perfectly to ensure proper trajectory and impact. The center point dagger 390 crossbow butt, with its ergonomic design, enhances the comfort and control of the shooter.

    The CP031 bow unit, an integral element, dictates the power and speed of the crossbow, influencing its effectiveness in different scenarios. Each of these components, meticulously crafted and tailored for the Dagger 390, contributes to its overall functionality.

    Full Assembly Steps

    The full assembly of the Dagger 390 Crossbow encompasses a series of comprehensive steps that include linking the N5RC_trigger, pin linkage, and cable slide, securing each component with precision screws and washers. Following these steps ensures a fully functional crossbow ready for action.

    Start by positioning the N5RC_trigger assembly on the stock, aligning the holes for the screws.

    • Next, attach the pin linkage securely to the trigger mechanism, ensuring a tight fit.
    • Then, carefully slide the cable slide into place, making sure it sits flush against the rail.
    • Once the major linkage components are in position, grab the precision screws and corresponding washers to fasten each part firmly.

    Attention to detail is crucial here to avoid any loose connections that could affect the crossbow’s performance.

    Tips for Optimizing Performance

    To optimize the performance of your Dagger 390 Crossbow, regular maintenance and care are essential. Adjusting the scope for precision shooting can significantly enhance your accuracy and overall shooting experience.

    Regarding maintaining your Dagger 390 Crossbow, start by regularly inspecting all moving parts for signs of wear and tear. Lubricate the rail and cam system to ensure smooth operation and extend the lifespan of the crossbow. Clean the limbs and strings after each use to prevent dirt buildup and maintain optimal performance.

    For scope adjustment, begin by zeroing in on a target at a practical distance. Use the windage and elevation turrets to make precise adjustments based on where your shots land in relation to the target. Practice shooting at various distances to fine-tune your scope settings for different scenarios.

    Proper Maintenance and Care

    Proper maintenance and care of the Dagger 390 Crossbow involve regular inspection of screws, washers, rubber components, and dampeners to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Keeping the crossbow clean and well-maintained is key to its consistent operation.

    Regularly checking the alignment of the limbs and strings as well as lubricating the rail and cams are essential steps to prevent premature wear and tear. By following these maintenance practices diligently, you can avoid malfunctions during crucial moments in your hunting or target shooting activities. It is also recommended to store the crossbow in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, to prolong its lifespan.

    Adjusting the Scope for Precision

    Adjusting the scope of the Dagger 390 Crossbow for precision shooting requires meticulous calibration of the CM_Stirrup, stopper seat, and rail spacer. Fine-tuning these components ensures that your shots are consistently accurate and on target.

    Start by setting up the crossbow on a stable surface, ensuring that it’s secure and level. Next, adjust the CM_Stirrup to the proper height based on your shooting position. The stopper seat should be aligned parallel to the rail, providing a solid base for the scope. Use an Allen wrench to make precise adjustments, gradually testing the changes with each tweak. Pay close attention to the rail spacer, ensuring it’s centered and level for optimal performance.

    Consider the distance you typically shoot from and adjust the scope’s magnification accordingly. Take advantage of the windage and elevation adjustments to zero in on your target. Properly aligning the reticle with the target at varying distances is essential for consistent accuracy. Practice shooting at different ranges to fine-tune your adjustments and familiarize yourself with the scope’s capabilities.

    Understanding the Dagger 390 Crossbow’s Specifications

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow’s specifications encompass its impressive velocity, power output, dimensions, and weight, all of which contribute to its exceptional performance and shooting capabilities. Understanding these specifications is key to maximizing the crossbow’s potential.

    For starters, the Dagger 390 Crossbow boasts a lightning-fast velocity of 390 feet per second, ensuring quick arrows that hit their mark with precision. This top-tier velocity is complemented by a robust power output, providing ample force for each shot. Regarding dimensions, this crossbow’s sleek design offers a balance of maneuverability and stability, measuring just right for optimal handling. In terms of weight, the Dagger 390 strikes a sweet spot, not too heavy to hinder movement, yet substantial enough to absorb recoil and enhance accuracy.

    Velocity and Power

    Velocity and Power The velocity and power output of the Dagger 390 Crossbow are unparalleled, thanks to its precision-engineered barrel, rail system, and N5RC-P trigger mechanism. This crossbow delivers impressive speed and force with each shot, making it a top choice for archery enthusiasts.

    What sets the Dagger 390 Crossbow apart is its cutting-edge technology that maximizes efficiency and performance. The combination of the precision-engineered barrel and rail system ensures that each arrow flies with incredible speed and accuracy.

    The N5RC-P trigger mechanism, with its quick and smooth release, enhances the overall shooting experience by offering precise control over the power output of the crossbow.

    Whether you are targeting small game or honing your skills in competitive archery, the Dagger 390’s velocity and power characteristics make it a reliable companion for achieving your shooting goals.

    Dimensions and Weight

    The dimensions and weight of the Dagger 390 Crossbow are carefully calibrated to ensure optimal balance, maneuverability, and shooting comfort. With a robust tube, adjustable riser, and protective finger guard, this crossbow offers a seamless shooting experience.

    The Dagger 390 Crossbow boasts dimensions of 35 inches in length and a width of 17.75 inches when fully cocked. Weighing in at a mere 6.9 pounds, it is remarkably lightweight without compromising on durability. The sleek design contributes to its exceptional handling, allowing for swift and precise shots. The ergonomic grip enhances stability during aiming and shooting, while the carbon construction guarantees strength and reliability in various shooting conditions.

    Benefits of Choosing the Dagger 390 Crossbow

    Choosing the Dagger 390 Crossbow comes with a myriad of benefits, including superior performance, ease of assembly and setup, and minimal maintenance requirements. Whether you are a seasoned archer or a novice enthusiast, this crossbow offers unmatched quality and reliability.

    One of the key advantages of the Dagger 390 Crossbow is its exceptional accuracy, which allows for precise shots every time, enhancing your hunting or target shooting experience.

    Its user-friendly design makes the assembly process quick and straightforward, eliminating any frustrations that may arise with complex setups.

    The durability of this crossbow ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, saving you time and money in the long run.

    Comparison with Other Crossbows

    In comparison to other crossbows on the market, the Dagger 390 stands out for its cutting-edge features, exceptional performance, and user-friendly design. When pitted against competitors, this crossbow excels in accuracy, durability, and overall shooting experience.

    One notable feature that sets the Dagger 390 apart is its advanced trigger mechanism, which offers a smooth and responsive shooting experience. The crossbow boasts a superior limb configuration that enhances power and speed, giving it an edge over its counterparts. The Dagger 390 also comes equipped with a durable composite stock that ensures stability and precision with each shot, making it a top choice for both novice and experienced archers.

    Customer Reviews and Feedback

    Customer reviews and feedback on the Dagger 390 Crossbow have been overwhelmingly positive, with users praising its exceptional performance, accuracy, and build quality. The consensus among customers is that this crossbow exceeds expectations and delivers on its promises.

    Many users have highlighted the precision with which the Dagger 390 Crossbow shoots, emphasizing its consistent accuracy even at longer distances. The ease of assembly and user-friendly design were also frequently mentioned, making it a popular choice for both seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

    The durability of the materials used in the construction of this crossbow stood out, with multiple reviewers appreciating its robust build that can withstand rigorous use in various hunting conditions.

    Where to Buy the Dagger 390 Crossbow

    If you are looking to purchase the Dagger 390 Crossbow, you can find it available at select retailers and online stores. Due to its popularity and high demand, it is advisable to check stock availability and pricing before making a purchase.

    When searching for the Dagger 390 Crossbow, it’s essential to explore reputable retailers with a track record for quality products and reliable service. Prices can vary depending on the seller, so it’s worth considering multiple options to secure the best deal. Stock availability may fluctuate due to the crossbow’s popularity, so checking with retailers frequently is recommended. Compare prices and consider any additional perks or services offered by different sellers to make an informed decision on your purchase.


    The Dagger 390 Crossbow represents a pinnacle of precision engineering and innovative design. With its exceptional performance, advanced features, and user-friendly assembly process, this crossbow sets a new standard in the world of archery.

    One of the standout features of the Dagger 390 is its carbon fiber construction, making it lightweight yet extremely durable, allowing for ease of use and portability. The advanced scope technology integrated into this crossbow enhances accuracy over long distances, providing users with a clear and precise aim. The customizable draw weight and length options make it adaptable to individual preferences and shooting styles, catering to a wide range of archers. The Dagger 390 Crossbow’s exceptional build quality and performance make it a top choice for both seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Dagger 390 crossbow?

    The Dagger 390 crossbow is a high-performance hunting weapon designed for accuracy, speed, and power. It is a recurve-style crossbow that shoots arrows at speeds up to 390 feet per second.

    Is the Dagger 390 crossbow suitable for hunting?

    Yes, the Dagger 390 crossbow is specifically designed for hunting. Its high velocity and accuracy make it a great choice for taking down medium to large game animals.

    What type of arrows can I use with the Dagger 390 crossbow?

    The Dagger 390 crossbow is compatible with standard 20-inch arrows. However, it is recommended to use the included carbon arrows for optimal performance and accuracy.

    Can I adjust the draw weight on the Dagger 390 crossbow?

    Yes, the Dagger 390 crossbow has an adjustable draw weight between 185-210 pounds. This allows for customization to fit the shooter’s strength and preference.

    Does the Dagger 390 crossbow come with a scope?

    Yes, the Dagger 390 crossbow comes with a 4x32mm illuminated scope. This scope is specifically designed for crossbow use and provides clear and accurate aiming points.

    Is the Dagger 390 crossbow easy to assemble?

    Yes, the Dagger 390 crossbow is easy to assemble with simple instructions and minimal tools required. Most hunters should be able to assemble it in under 30 minutes.