Centerpoint Crossbow Cp400

Looking for a powerful and reliable crossbow for your hunting or target shooting needs? Look no further than the Centerpoint Crossbow CP400.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the centerpoint 390 crossbow, delve into its specifications, and highlight its key features such as the adjustable butt stock, anti dry fire mechanism, and quick detach parallel quiver.

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Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways:

  • The Centerpoint Crossbow CP400 is a high-quality, versatile crossbow designed for accuracy and ease of use.
  • With features like an adjustable butt stock, anti dry fire mechanism, and quick detach parallel quiver, the CP400 offers a customizable and efficient shooting experience.
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  • Centerpoint Crossbow CP400

    CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 is a high-speed crossbow manufactured by CenterPoint Archery that combines cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to deliver exceptional performance in hunting and target shooting scenarios.

    The CP400 boasts an innovative reverse-draw design, enhancing balance and accuracy by shifting the center of gravity closer to the shooter. This design feature improves stability during aiming and reduces vibration upon firing. Equipped with a silent cranking device, this crossbow ensures a quiet and stealthy operation, crucial for hunting scenarios where noise can startle the prey. The patented TriggerTech system provides a crisp and consistent trigger pull, promoting better accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency. Its narrow axle-to-axle width enhances maneuverability in tight spaces, making it ideal for various hunting environments.


    The overview of the Centerpoint Crossbow CP400 introduces the advanced CenterPoint technology and HeliCoil technology integrated into this cutting-edge crossbow model, showcasing its innovative design and superior performance in the field.

    The CP400 Crossbow features a rugged aluminum rail and shoot-through riser for increased accuracy and stability during shooting. The reverse cam technology employed in this crossbow ensures quieter shots and reduced vibration, enhancing the user experience. With a velocity of over 400 feet per second, this crossbow delivers powerful performance, making it ideal for hunting and target shooting. The compact and lightweight design of the CP400 offers maneuverability and ease of use, making it suitable for various hunting situations.

    Product Details

    The product details of the CP400 Crossbow include its draw weight, arrow velocity, and the visually appealing TrueTimber Strata Camo finish, making it both powerful and aesthetically pleasing for enthusiasts.

    The CP400 Crossbow boasts a hefty draw weight of 200 pounds, allowing for impressive power and accuracy in shooting. This substantial draw weight contributes to its incredible arrow velocity of up to 400 feet per second, ensuring swift and precise shots with each release.

    The CP400 features a durable and attractive TrueTimber Strata Camo finish, blending seamlessly with various hunting environments for enhanced camouflage. This design not only adds a stylish touch but also aids in concealing the hunter while out in the field.


    Specifications The specifications of the CP400 Crossbow include an impressive velocity of 400 fps, a camo crossbow design for enhanced concealment, and the Advanced Dual-Stage (ADF) Trigger for a smooth and accurate shooting experience.

    Regarding speed, the CP400 Crossbow doesn’t disappoint with its lightning-fast arrow velocity, ensuring maximum impact on the target. The camo design of this crossbow is not just aesthetically pleasing but also serves a practical purpose by blending seamlessly with various terrains, providing the shooter with added advantage in terms of concealment.

    The innovative Advanced Dual-Stage (ADF) Trigger sets this crossbow apart, offering a responsive and consistent trigger pull that significantly enhances accuracy. This trigger mechanism ensures that each shot is delivered smoothly, with minimal disturbance to the archer’s aim, resulting in precise hits every time.


    The CP400 Crossbow boasts features such as a MIL-SPEC AR-style rear stock, durable aluminum rail, convenient cranking device, integrated string stops, and a comfortable webbed foregrip, ensuring optimal performance and user comfort during shooting.

    Starting with the stock design, the MIL-SPEC AR-style rear stock of the CP400 Crossbow provides exceptional stability and shoulder support, crucial for accurate shooting. The rail material, constructed from high-grade aluminum, offers durability and precision for attaching accessories like scopes and sights seamlessly.

    Regarding the cranking mechanism, the CP400 boasts a convenient and efficient device that simplifies the process of cocking the crossbow, enabling quick and smooth reloading for users of various skill levels.

    The integrated string stops act as vibration dampeners, reducing noise and increasing accuracy by minimizing string oscillation upon release.

    The grip ergonomics of the CP400 are designed to fit comfortably in the shooter’s hand, ensuring a secure and natural hold that enhances stability and control during aiming and firing.

    Adjustable Butt Stock

    The CP400 Crossbow is equipped with an adjustable butt stock that allows users to customize the length of pull for improved comfort and shooting accuracy, catering to different preferences and body sizes.

    This innovative feature not only enhances the ergonomic design of the crossbow but also plays a crucial role in optimizing the shooting experience. By being able to adjust the length of pull, shooters can achieve a more personalized fit, which translates into better stability and control when aiming and firing the crossbow.

    This level of customization ensures that each user can find the most comfortable and efficient shooting position, leading to improved accuracy and overall performance in various shooting scenarios, making the CP400 Crossbow a versatile and user-friendly option for both beginners and seasoned hunters alike.

    Aluminum Rail

    The CP400 Crossbow is constructed with a durable aluminum rail that contributes to the crossbow’s lightweight yet sturdy build, providing stability and precision during shooting sessions.

    Aluminum is favored in crossbow construction due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for enhancing portability without compromising on durability. The aluminum rail in the CP400 Crossbow also aids in reducing overall maintenance needs, as it is naturally corrosion-resistant, prolonging the crossbow’s lifespan and performance efficiency.

    The material properties of aluminum allow for precise machining, ensuring optimal alignment of components for enhanced accuracy and consistency in shooting. This translates to improved shooting experience and higher success rates for users, particularly in hunting or target shooting scenarios.

    Anti Dry Fire

    The CP400 Crossbow features an Anti Dry Fire mechanism that enhances safety by preventing accidental firing without an arrow loaded, ensuring user protection and equipment longevity.

    This mechanism detects when there is no arrow in place before allowing the crossbow to fire,

    • which helps prevent damage to the bow and string,
    • and minimizes the risk of injury to the user or bystanders.

    This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the crossbow and ensuring a smooth shooting experience.

    The Anti Dry Fire system plays a significant role in improving accuracy and shot consistency by ensuring that each shot is fired with the arrow in place, maximizing the Centerpoint Amped 425 Crossbow Package with Silent Crank‘s performance.

    This safety feature not only protects the equipment but also enhances the overall shooting experience, making the CP400 Crossbow a reliable and user-friendly choice for both beginners and experienced archers.”

    Cranking Device Included

    The CP400 Crossbow comes with a cranking device included, offering users a convenient and efficient way to cock the crossbow, enhancing usability and reducing physical strain during setup and shooting.

    The cranking device, also known as a cocking aid, is designed to fit seamlessly with the CP400 Crossbow, providing a user-friendly mechanism for drawing the string back into the firing position.

    By utilizing the cranking device, archers can achieve consistent and optimal cocking, ensuring accuracy and precision in their shots.

    This accessory significantly reduces the effort required to cock the crossbow manually, making it accessible to a wider range of users regardless of their strength or experience level.

    Folding Stirrup

    The CP400 Crossbow is equipped with a folding stirrup that provides a stable base for cocking the crossbow and can be conveniently folded when not in use, offering practicality and ease of handling for users.

    The folding stirrup feature in the CP400 Crossbow plays a crucial role in simplifying the cocking process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency when preparing for a shot. By providing a secure platform, it enhances stability, enabling users to cock the crossbow with confidence and precision.

    The ability to fold the stirrup when not in use adds a layer of convenience and space-saving functionality. When folded, the stirrup seamlessly integrates into the Center Point Crossbow Sniper 370‘s design, reducing the overall bulkiness and facilitating storage and transportation.

    This innovative feature significantly improves the user experience by offering a versatile, user-friendly solution that caters to both practicality and performance.

    Integrated String Stops

    The CP400 Crossbow is designed with integrated string stops that dampen noise and vibration, improving shot consistency and reducing wear on the crossbow components, ensuring a smoother shooting experience.

    Integrated string stops play a crucial role in modern crossbow design. Strategically placed along the string path, these stops effectively absorb the energy generated upon arrow release, thus minimizing noise and vibration. This not only enhances shooting accuracy but also contributes to the longevity of the crossbow by reducing the stress on its components. By stabilizing the strings during the firing process, these stops ensure a more consistent trajectory for the arrow, ultimately leading to improved performance and user satisfaction.

    MIL-SPEC Buffer Tube

    The CP400 Crossbow features a MIL-SPEC Buffer Tube that enhances stock stability, ensuring reliable shoulder placement for improved accuracy and comfort during shooting sessions.

    Designed to meet military specifications, the MIL-SPEC Buffer Tube used in the CP400 Crossbow plays a crucial role in absorbing recoil and reducing felt vibration, thus enhancing the overall shooting experience. The precise construction of this buffer tube not only increases the crossbow’s durability but also contributes to consistent shot placement and improved shooting precision. By providing a secure attachment point for the stock, it allows for easy customization and adjustment, catering to individual user preferences for a comfortable and personalized shooting stance. This attention to detail in design significantly enhances the user’s control over the crossbow, making it a preferred choice for both amateur shooters and seasoned hunters.

    Oversized Finger Guards

    The CP400 Crossbow is designed with oversized finger guards to enhance user safety and comfort, providing additional protection and ergonomics for a secure grip during shooting.

    These oversized finger guards serve a crucial role in safeguarding the user’s fingers from potential injuries caused by the bowstring upon release. They contribute to improved shooting accuracy by ensuring a consistent and stable hand position. The strategic placement of the finger guards also aids in maintaining proper shooting form and reduces the likelihood of accidents due to slippage or mishandling. The incorporation of these protective features underscores the CP400 Crossbow’s commitment to prioritizing user safety and enhancing shooting performance.

    Quick Detach Parallel Quiver

    The CP400 Crossbow is equipped with a Quick Detach Parallel Quiver that allows for easy attachment and removal of arrows, providing convenience and efficiency for users during hunting or shooting activities.

    This innovative feature ensures that users can quickly access their arrows when needed, streamlining the shooting process without any disruption. The Quick Detach mechanism allows for swift removal of the quiver, enabling shooters to adapt to different situations seamlessly.

    The Parallel Quiver design ensures that the arrows are securely held in place, preventing any accidental slips or falls during transportation or movement. This element of stability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the arrows and optimizing the overall shooting experience.

    Webbed Foregrip

    The CP400 Crossbow is designed with a webbed foregrip that offers enhanced grip stability and comfort, allowing users to maintain control and accuracy during shooting sessions for improved performance.

    Having a webbed foregrip on the CP400 Crossbow brings several advantages to the table. The webbed design provides a textured surface that helps the user maintain a secure hold on the crossbow, even in challenging weather conditions or during long shooting sessions. This enhanced grip stability directly translates into improved shooting precision and overall control.

    The ergonomic design of the webbed foregrip ensures that users can comfortably handle the crossbow for extended periods without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. This not only enhances the user experience but also allows for greater focus and consistency in aiming and shooting.


    Users of the CP400 Crossbow should adhere to the safety warnings provided by CenterPoint Archery to ensure responsible handling, prevent accidents, and maintain the longevity of the crossbow and accessories.

    These safety precautions are crucial not only for the protection of the user but also for the effective functionality of the crossbow itself. Ahead of each use, it is essential to inspect the equipment for any signs of wear or damage, paying close attention to the strings, limbs, and scope. Additionally, warnings regarding the proper handling and storage of bolts, the importance of using the correct arrows, and the necessity of using safety gear like goggles and gloves should be strictly followed to minimize risks and maximize performance.

    Accessories and Gear

    Along with the CP400 Crossbow, users can enhance their shooting experience with premium accessories and gear such as high-speed crossbow arrows, a rope cocker for easy cocking, and other compatible add-ons that complement the performance of the crossbow.

    High-speed crossbow arrows are essential for maximizing the CP400’s velocity and accuracy, ensuring each shot hits its mark with precision and force. A rope cocker tool aids in the cocking process, making it more efficient and reducing strain on the user’s arms. Users can opt for specialized broadheads to enhance the crossbow’s hunting capabilities, offering superior penetration and cutting power. Other accessories like scope mounts for attaching optics, quivers for arrow storage, and silencers for noise reduction further elevate the shooting experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400?

    The CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 is a high-performance, compact crossbow designed for accuracy and power. It features a narrow 6-inch axle-to-axle width, a speed of 400 feet per second, and a customizable stock for a perfect fit.

    What makes the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 stand out from other crossbows?

    The CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 stands out for its combination of speed, accuracy, and compact size. It also has a unique cocking mechanism that allows for easy and safe cocking without the need for a rope cocker.

    Can the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 be used for hunting?

    Can the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 be used for hunting?

    Yes, the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 is a great choice for hunting. Its high speed and compact design make it ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, and its accuracy ensures a clean and ethical shot.

    What types of bolts/arrows can be used with the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400?

    The CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 can shoot 20-inch carbon bolts with a weight of at least 400 grains. It is important to always use the recommended bolts for maximum performance and safety.

    Is the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 suitable for beginners?

    The CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 is designed for experienced shooters, but it can be suitable for beginners with proper training and supervision. It is important to always follow safety guidelines and practice proper crossbow handling techniques.

    Does the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 come with a warranty?

    Yes, the CenterPoint Crossbow CP400 comes with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, and the manufacturer will repair or replace the crossbow if necessary.