Medieval Crossbow Parts

Medieval crossbows are fascinating weapons that played a crucial role in warfare throughout history. Understanding the parts of these medieval crossbows is essential for appreciating their significance and functionality. From the 15th-century ‘Munition’ Crossbow to the 16th-century Latchet Crossbow, each type has its unique features and purposes. We will explore the various types of medieval crossbows, their components such as bolts, and the availability of […]

High Powered Medieval Crossbows

High-powered medieval crossbows have long been a fascinating aspect of history, renowned for their deadly accuracy and power on the battlefield. From the 15th century windlass crossbow to the 17th century Schnepper crossbow, these weapons played a significant role in shaping warfare during medieval times. This article explores the history, types, components, advantages, and uses of high-powered crossbows, as well as their construction materials, ammunition, […]

Crossbow In Medieval Times

The medieval crossbow, a formidable weapon of war, has a rich and fascinating history that spans across different regions and cultures. From its origins and construction to its use in battle and evolution in different parts of the world, the crossbow has played a significant role in shaping military tactics. In this article, we will explore the origins, construction, advantages, and disadvantages of the medieval […]