Can Crossbows Have Infinity

Infinity enchantment in Minecraft is a powerful tool that allows players to shoot an infinite number of arrows without depleting their supply. We discuss the maximum level of the Infinity enchantment, primary and secondary items compatible with it, its enchantment weight, and items that are incompatible. We also cover how to enchant crossbows with Infinity, known issues with the enchantment, its historical background, and common […]

Can I Shoot A Crossbow In My Backyard

Interested in shooting crossbows in your backyard? Before you start honing your archery skills, it’s essential to understand the legal considerations. Reviewing local laws, permit requirements, and setting up a safe backyard archery range are crucial steps to ensure you are compliant and safe. Communication with neighbors and the community is also key. We will guide you on how to practice precision and accuracy, including […]

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