Bushwacker Crossbow

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In this article, we will provide an overview of the Bushwacker Crossbow, including a description and customer reviews.

We will also delve into the Parker Bushwhacker Crossbow String & Cable, and explore the various product variants available, such as the Hurricane, Cyclone, Blackmax, Fireball, and Stingray models.

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Key Takeaways:

Key Takeaways:

  • The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is a popular choice among hunters and has received great customer reviews for its accuracy and durability.
  • The crossbow’s string and cable are an essential part of its performance, and customers can benefit from the company’s shipping and return policy when purchasing these parts.
  • The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow comes in various models, such as Hurricane, Cyclone, Blackmax, Fireball, and Stingray, providing options for different hunting needs and preferences.
  • Parker Bushwacker Crossbow Overview

    The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is a top-of-the-line crossbow package designed for ultimate performance and safety.

    One of the standout features of the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is its cutting-edge safety mechanisms. The Auto-Engaging Safety and Anti-Dry Fire trigger ensure that users can operate the crossbow with peace of mind, minimizing the risk of accidents during use.

    On the performance front, this crossbow is truly a game-changer. The advanced technologies incorporated, such as the Micro-Lite Limb Pocket System, enhance the power and accuracy of each shot, making it a favorite among hunting enthusiasts and target shooters alike.

    The sleek design of the crossbow is not just for show; it also plays a crucial role in improving the handling and overall experience for the user. The compact and lightweight construction, along with the G2 Bullpup trigger system, contributes to a comfortable and seamless shooting experience.

    As echoed in numerous customer feedback, the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow truly lives up to its reputation. With features like the Red Hot Crossbow bolts providing optimal performance, and scope options such as the 4X MR scope and 3X Illuminated MR scope expanding the customization possibilities, users are delighted with the value and quality this crossbow package offers.

    Description and Customer Reviews

    The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow has garnered glowing reviews from satisfied customers praising its safety features, exceptional value for money, and top-notch performance. Users highlight the ease of assembly, smooth operation, and the advanced safety mechanisms incorporated into this crossbow package.

    • One customer raved about the Bushwacker’s accuracy, stating, ‘I’ve never felt more confident with my shot placement since using this crossbow.’

    • Another user emphasized the comfort of the ergonomic design, mentioning how it reduced fatigue during long hunting sessions.

    • A testimonial mentioned the durability of the Bushwacker, highlighting how it withstood harsh weather conditions without any performance issues.

    Parker Bushwhacker Crossbow String & Cable

    The Parker Bushwhacker Crossbow String & Cable set is a crucial component for maintaining optimal performance and accuracy.

    By opting for the 60X Custom Parker Bushwhacker Crossbow String Set made from premium materials such as the BCY D97 Crossbow string Material, you can be assured of superior quality and longevity.

    The comprehensive warranty coverage that comes with these products ensures that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

    The compatibility of these strings and cables with a range of optic accessories like the 3 Dot Scope and Single Red Dot Scope enhances your shooting experience by offering customization to suit various shooting scenarios.

    Shipping and Return Policy

    The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow comes with a reliable shipping process to ensure your package arrives safely and on time. The return policy provides customers with the flexibility to exchange or return the product in case of any issues or concerns.

    When you order the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow, you can expect prompt shipping within X business days, allowing you to swiftly receive your new gear. You will receive a tracking number via email, enabling you to monitor your package’s journey from our warehouse to your doorstep.

    Efficiency is key, and our shipping partners are trusted to handle your order with care and speed.

    If, by any chance, you wish to return or exchange your crossbow for any reason, our customer-friendly return policy makes the process hassle-free. Simply contact our customer service team, and they will guide you through the straightforward return process.

    Product Variants

    Product Variants Explore the diverse range of product variants available for the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow, including the Hurricane, Cyclone, Blackmax, Fireball, and Stingray models. Each variant offers unique features and design elements tailored to different preferences and shooting styles.

    Among these variants, the Hurricane model stands out for its exceptional speed and precision, making it ideal for seasoned hunters looking for long-distance accuracy.

    On the other hand, the Cyclone variant boasts superior maneuverability and lightweight construction, perfect for hunters requiring agility in dense terrains.

    The Blackmax model integrates advanced camo patterns, blending seamlessly into diverse environments and providing stealth advantages during hunts.

    Meanwhile, the Fireball variant focuses on power and impact, appealing to hunters seeking maximum kinetic energy for clean takedowns.

    The Stingray model combines speed, accuracy, and customization options, catering to hunters who value versatility and personalization in their crossbow experience.

    About the Product, Identifiers, Key Features, Dimensions

    Get to know the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow inside out, including its unique identifiers, key features, and precise dimensions. Understanding these aspects will help you make an informed decision about this top-of-the-line crossbow package.

    The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow stands out for its exceptional blend of power, accuracy, and maneuverability. Its compact design makes it perfect for tight hunting spots without compromising on performance. With a length of XX inches and a weight of XX pounds, this crossbow boasts a remarkably balanced feel. The advanced features of the Bushwacker, such as the Anti-Dry Fire mechanism and adjustable stock for personalized comfort, elevate its usability and safety standards.

    Related Products

    Discover a range of related products that complement the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow, including the Bushwacker Crossbow Bowstring + Cable Set, OMP Crossbow Cable Set, and Bushwacker Panther Crossbow String. These accessories are designed to enhance your crossbow experience and performance.

    Designed specifically for the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow, the Bushwacker Crossbow Bowstring + Cable Set ensures optimal compatibility and accurate performance. Crafted using high-quality materials, this set offers durability and reliability, crucial for maintaining consistent shooting accuracy.

    The OMP Crossbow Cable Set is another essential accessory that enhances the functionality of your crossbow. With precise engineering and a perfect fit for the Bushwacker Crossbow, this cable set delivers smooth and reliable shooting, reducing wear and tear on your equipment.

    For those seeking superior performance, the Bushwacker Panther Crossbow String is a must-have addition. This high-performance string is known for its longevity and strength, providing consistent power and accuracy with each draw, making it a valuable investment for serious crossbow enthusiasts.

    Bushwacker Crossbow Bowstring +Cable Set

    The Bushwacker Crossbow Bowstring + Cable Set is a must-have accessory for maintaining the optimal performance of your Parker crossbow. With durable materials and precise construction, this set ensures consistent shooting accuracy and reliability.

    Crafted from high-quality materials, the Bushwacker Crossbow Bowstring + Cable Set is designed to withstand the rigors of intense hunting sessions. Its advanced manufacturing process guarantees a perfect fit for your Parker crossbow, ensuring seamless compatibility. Installing this set is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design that allows for quick and hassle-free setup. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a novice archer, investing in this set will elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

    Best Selling Crossbows

    Explore the top-selling crossbows in the market, alongside the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow, including models like the Killer Instinct Lethal 405, Ravin R29X, CenterPoint Wrath 430X, Mission Sub-1 XR, and the 180 LB Black Hunting Crossbow. These high-performance crossbows offer a range of features and capabilities to suit different hunting and shooting needs.

    Among these renowned models, the Killer Instinct Lethal 405 stands out for its lightning-fast speeds and precision accuracy, making it a favorite among seasoned bowhunters and target shooters alike.

    The Ravin R29X, on the other hand, boasts revolutionary technology, such as Helicoil cams for enhanced arrow speeds and consistency, catering to enthusiasts looking for cutting-edge innovations in their crossbow experience.

    For those seeking power and versatility, the CenterPoint Wrath 430X is a top choice, delivering impressive performance with its adjustable stock and compact design perfect for maneuverability in various hunting environments.

    The Mission Sub-1 XR excels in accuracy and ease of use, attracting hunters who value precision in every shot and appreciate a user-friendly crossbow design.


    Hurricane The Hurricane model of the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow offers a unique design and enhanced features for hunters and shooters looking for a reliable and high-performance crossbow. Explore the specifics of the Hurricane variant to understand its advantages and suitability for different shooting scenarios.

    The Hurricane variant of the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is meticulously engineered to provide optimal performance in various hunting conditions. Its innovative design incorporates advanced composite materials that make it lightweight yet durable, ensuring ease of handling and enhanced accuracy during shooting.

    With a sleek and ergonomic build, the Hurricane crossbow boasts a smooth draw cycle, reducing noise and vibration to improve the overall shooting experience. The enhanced trigger system offers crisp and consistent pulls, enhancing shot precision and control.

    Designed for versatility, this crossbow is compatible with a range of accessories, allowing hunters to customize their setup according to their specific needs. Whether hunting from a tree stand or stalking prey through dense brush, the Hurricane variant excels in different scenarios, making it a top choice for avid hunters seeking a reliable and efficient weapon.


    The Cyclone variant of the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is known for its agility and precision, making it a popular choice among hunters seeking optimal shooting performance. Delve into the unique features and capabilities of the Cyclone model to understand why it stands out in the crossbow market.

    The Cyclone variant offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing hunters to navigate through dense terrain with ease, ensuring they can take their shot from various angles without compromising on accuracy. The innovative design of the Cyclone enhances stability and control, contributing to its remarkable shooting precision. Whether you are stalking elusive game in thick forests or hunting in open fields, the Cyclone excels in diverse hunting scenarios, proving its versatility and reliability in delivering successful shots.


    The Blackmax edition of the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is designed for stealth and precision, catering to hunters who prefer a sleek and powerful crossbow option.

    Constructed with cutting-edge technology, the Blackmax model offers a lethal combination of accuracy and silence, paramount for successful hunting missions. Its compact and lightweight design enhances maneuverability in dense woods or tight spaces, while the advanced cam system ensures consistent arrow speeds for target-hitting precision. The black matte finish reduces glare, making it ideal for stealthy approaches in low-light environments. Whether you’re tracking game in the dim dawn light or stalking prey under the canopy of trees, the Blackmax is your trusted companion for hunting success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a bushwacker crossbow?

    A bushwacker crossbow is a type of hunting weapon that uses a horizontal bow mounted on a stock to shoot arrows or bolts. It is designed for increased accuracy and better range compared to traditional bows.

    How does a bushwacker crossbow differ from a regular crossbow?

    How does a bushwacker crossbow differ from a regular crossbow?

    The main difference between a bushwacker crossbow and a regular crossbow is the design. A bushwacker crossbow has a shorter and wider barrel, allowing for a more compact and lightweight design. It also typically has a higher draw weight and faster arrow speed.

    What is the maximum range of a bushwacker crossbow?

    The maximum range of a bushwacker crossbow depends on various factors such as draw weight, arrow weight, and the shooter’s skill. However, on average, a bushwacker crossbow can shoot accurately up to 40-50 yards.

    Is a bushwacker crossbow suitable for beginners?

    Yes, a bushwacker crossbow can be suitable for beginners as it is easier to handle and has a shorter learning curve compared to traditional bows. However, proper training and safety precautions should always be followed when using any type of hunting weapon.

    Can a bushwacker crossbow be used for hunting big game?

    Yes, a bushwacker crossbow can be used for hunting big game such as deer, elk, and bear. However, it is important to check your state’s hunting regulations as some may have specific requirements for using a crossbow.

    Do I need any special equipment to use a bushwacker crossbow?

    Apart from the crossbow itself, you will need arrows or bolts specifically designed for crossbows, a cocking device, and a proper broadhead or field point. It is also recommended to have a crossbow case and a sling for easier transport and storage.